Turn Your Hobbies Into Cash!

money making hobbiesDo you have a hobby? Do you want to make a little extra cash? Why not do both?
Don’t have a hobby? We have ideas for you too! Check out our ideas for easy ways to make a little cash and have fun while you’re doing it!

Like spending time online? Taking online surveys is an easy way to put cash in your pocket. And you can do it from home. Survey sites such as Survey Junkie and Swagbucks have you watch videos or answer survey questions for cash or rewards. Other sites such as MyPoints have you take surveys for points or gift cards.

If you like sports, maybe refereeing or coaching is more up your alley.

If you enjoy caring for people or animals, there are a bunch of services you can offer.

  • Baby sitting
  • Pet sitting
  • Pet walking or grooming services
  • Personal shopping for elderly, home bound or busy professionals
  • Personal concierge
  • House cleaning (after hours cleaning for businesses is also a great option)
  • Yard work and snow removal are also highly sought after services.
  • Become a Driver – Driving for Lyft or Uber is another great way to supplement income. It also allows you to choose the hours or time you want to devote to this activity.

How about skills? If you’re musically inclined, would teaching music lessons be of interest?  Any area that you are educated in, an authority or an expert, consider sharing your knowledge.  You can create an online course or webinar. If you enjoy teaching, you can develop a course for a local technical college or for businesses offering continuing education.

If you understand technology, there is a high demand for you. Many people get frustrated or are completely stumped when it comes to technology. Outsourcing your expertise in graphic design, web design, coding, and video editing, can be a great source of extra cash.

Other money making hobbies include selling handmade products such as;

  • Jewelry
  • Pottery
  • Paintings
  • Knitted or crocheted items, afghans and quilting

And for those DIY’ers (do it yourself’ers) sell those handyman services!  Handyman are in so much demand today! Services such as cabinetry work, painting, dry wall, fixtures and general home projects can earn you a lot of extra cash.

The bottom line is, if you already have hobbies that you enjoy doing, why not consider sharing those to earn extra money? If you don’t have a hobby, maybe some of the items on this list will help to inspire you to do something fun, while putting a little extra cash in your pocket.

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