Everyone needs end-of-life planning.  We call it “Death Etiquette”®.

It doesn’t matter how old you are, whether you are a parent, or how many assets you have. Being prepared means your loved ones won’t have the burden of managing your affairs when your documents are scattered with no paper trail and your final arrangements are up in the air.

It’s about everything from health care decisions and funeral wishes to your insurance policies, online accounts and personal belongings.

Families who’ve struggled with the task of managing a deceased loved one’s affairs know it can be tough. It’s a complex process.  So leave them with the gift of an end-of-life plan that includes everything they need.


We’ve partnered with First Steps Help, LLC to bring families even more resources.

First Steps Help is an on-line educational course designed to provide families with the process and tools needed for handling the financial matters of a deceased loved one.

Viewers of this 10-module course are provided a manual for note taking with space to create personalized action item lists.  Topics discussed in the course:


  • Funeral payment optionsFirst Steps Help
  • Identity theft protection of the deceased
  • Creating a support network
  • Document gathering
  • Understanding probate and estates
  • Continuation of Health Insurance Benefits
  • Notification to an employer and other groups
  • How to make a life insurance claim
  • Closing bank and investment account
  • How to handle estate debt



First Steps Help is the perfect supplement to a My Life and Wishes portal.  Provide your loved ones with the information they will need, then provide them with a tool to walk them through the process when the time comes.

For more information on creator Shane Phillips and his First Steps Course CLICK HERE>>


Remember…It’s about safeguarding your family from the heartache of piecing together your affairs through guesswork at a time when they should focus on grieving.  It’s “Death Etiquette”®

Haven’t started your planning?  Here are some additional resources to get you started :

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