National & State End-of-life Planning Resources

Laws and regulations may vary by state. In addition to the My Life & Wishes Planning Center, there are other helpful end-of-life planning resources available to you on the web. Here are a few that we recommend.


Advanced Directives by State


Funerals and Cremation


Government Resources


Legal Resources


Talking About End-of-Life Care planning

  • The Conversation Project is dedicated to helping people talk about their wishes for end-of-life care. They are focused on generating conversations about healthcare wishes with family members and ensuring individuals have thought through what they want at the end of life.
  • Death Café, an international model begun in 2011, focuses a discussion of death with no agenda, objectives or themes with typically strangers who come together for this topic.
  • Kimberly Paul brings innovation to the death and dying industry by applying the concept of design thinking.  Her website Death by Design will educate and empower you to design your death to reflect your values, your likes and even your personality.


Other Resources

  • The U.S. Living Will Registry electronically stores advance directives and makes them available to health care providers 24 hours/day via secure Internet or telephone-facsimile. The Registry stores ALL types of advance directives…living wills, health care proxies, health care power of attorney, as well as organ donor information.
  • The Vital Records Directory offers state specific links to where to get a copy of a death certificate.