Rock Your Retirement | Jon Braddock

Rock Your Retirement

02/12/2018 - Let's talk about death. Jon Braddock talks to Rock Your Retirement about how important is it to help family know what you want or have planned to lessen the hardship they will face after your death.


The Heart of Hospice

01/01/2018 - The best time to start your end-of-life planning is today. Jon shares his story with Helen Nash Bauer and Jerry Fenter of The Heart of Hospice with a lot of warmth and humor.  We can all learn from his experience.


Jon Braddock

Author Hour

11/22/2017 - Do you have end-of-life plans? Most people avoid thinking about life after they pass to avoid having difficult conversations or getting overwhelmed by the logistics.

But you wouldn’t want to leave your loved ones with a lifetime of belongings and information to sort through, so how can you unburden your family members before it’s too late?

In this podcast, Jon talks with Charlie Hoehn about how to thoughtfully prepare for your own passing.

Jon Braddock

The Draw Shop

11/21/2017 - Today’s deceased leave a messy legacy of paper files, digital documents, and all sorts of other records – scattered everywhere, resisting even the most valiant attempts to bring a measure of order to their unmitigated chaos. Listen in as Jon talks with Summer Felix from The Draw Shop about the most important things you need to know about end-of-life planning, and how to start preparing successfully.

Maryland Financial Advocates

Maryland Financial Advocates

11/16/2017 - Jon joins Colin Meeks of Maryland Financial Advocates for the podcast, "You are going to die someday, so let's talk about it."

Richer Soul

Richer Soul

11/14/2017 - The Ultimate Gift: Leaving your family a clear blueprint to your financial wishes. Death and taxes are inevitable and while you may be able to cheat on taxes, you can't cheat death. Listen in as Jon talks with Rocky Lalvani of Richer Soul about how to prepare your estate and leave clear instructions.

Senior Care Authority

Senior Care Authority

10/29/2017 - Don't Leave a Mess Behind After You Die. Jon chats with Frank Samson from Senior Care Authority about being thoughtfully prepared. Click here to listen to the conversation.

Jon Braddock

The Art of Abundance

10/9/2017 - Jon Braddock talks about losing loved ones and the process of making sure their wishes were taken care of on The Art of Abundance with Leisa Peterson.

Jon and Michelle

Death by Design

Jon and Michelle Braddock spent 36 years working in the insurance business helping large employers assist their employees with their coverage options. Then something personal occurred in their lives and everything changed.

Click here to listen as Jon and Michelle share their story with Kimberly C. Paul of Death by Design.

It's About How You LiveIt's About How You Live

It's About How You Live, hosted by Tina Ketchie Stearns with Jon Braddock, is about how to take the fear out of conversations about advance care planning, serious illness, and end-of-life care. 

Click here to watch or listen to Jon's message about being "thoughtfully prepared."

Jon Braddock

The Importance of End-of-Life Planning

Listen in as Jon Braddock and Benjamin Brandt of Retirement Starts Today Radio discuss the importance of end of life planning and the real reasons people avoid making end-of-life planning decisions. Be sure to listen to the very end where Jon and Benjamin vent their shared frustrations with planning for long term care needs.