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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started?

  • Sign up for a 30-day free trial to create your account. You’ll have access to all the My Life & Wishes features. You can upgrade to a monthly or annual plan at any time.


What is My Life & Wishes? 

  • My Life & Wishes is the easiest way to view, update and share the critical information you and your family need.  From wills and insurance information to advance directives, instructions for social media accounts and how to access them, to funeral planning and financial wishes. It is a secure online service designed to help you stay organized and to guide your loved ones when they will need it most.


I haven’t started any planning.  Can I still use My Life & Wishes? 

  • Absolutely.  Let this platform be your guide.  There are many pieces and things to consider while planning and sharing those plans with loved ones.  Start at the beginning and complete which sections are applicable to you.  Documenting your wishes and instructions along with sharing critical documents in a My Life & Wishes account will give your loved ones easy and secure access to everything in one place.


I have already created an estate plan with an attorney or CPA. How will My Life & Wishes help me? 

  • Congratulations on being so prepared! However, there are so many other pieces of information your loved ones will need.  With your My Life & Wishes account, you can upload all your estate planning documents and safely and securely store them for your family members to view.  In addition, you can leave instructions on how to access your technology, leave bill pay information and the logistics they will also need to know.  Things that typically aren’t included in a formal estate plan.


Can’t I just write my information down and tell my family where to find it? 

  • By using My Life & Wishes you are able to securely store all of your information in one place, update it quickly from anywhere, and upload and protect documents from accidents at home or natural disasters. You’ll also be able to grant unlimited authorized users access to your account and control who sees specific data in your account.