Safeguarding Your Data is Our Top Priority

We understand that the information you include in your digital estate plan is among the most sensitive data you own. That’s why we’ve established rigorous security standards that protect your personal records.

Here’s How My Life & Wishes Protects Your Information:


Lock-Bullet-PointNo one but you can see your data – not even us

Rigorous encryption of your data means not even our team can view your personal information. Only you and your authorized users can see the information you entered into your My Life & Wishes estate plan.


Lock-Bullet-PointMultiple levels of encryption required

We use multiple levels of encryption to protect your account. Any authorized users you add to your account are also encrypted separately, adding a unique security layer to each unique person who logs into My Life & Wishes.


Lock-Bullet-PointOngoing security audits keep security up to date

On-staff security experts conduct regular audits, ensuring your personal information is protected by the most up-to-date protocols.


Lock-Bullet-PointAll communications transfers encrypted 

My Life & Wishes requires SSL using 2048-bit certificates that protect your data while en route. All communications require SSL encryption.