Organize Your Life Online with My Life & Wishes

It’s about more than organizing paperwork.

It’s about protecting your most valuable information, documents, logins and passwords while leaving your family a road map with everything they need when they’ll need it most.


Leaf Bullet PointSimple set up means you’re prepared in no time.

Whether you’re preparing for an upcoming trip or slowly gathering your estate and life documents, getting your most important information together and sharing it takes minutes.


Leaf Bullet PointMake all updates in one place.

As your life changes, so does your information.  Being cloud-based, My Life & Wishes is available 24/7 making it simple to edit and add to your existing  information.


Leaf Bullet PointIt’s more than just estate planning.

My Life & Wishes isn’t only about sharing common end-of-life documents. It’s an online archive of everything you want your family to know after your death. Funeral preferences, wishes for your burial or cremation, digital account passwords – even how beloved pets should be cared for are all standard parts of a My Life & Wishes plan.


Leaf Bullet PointKeep files protected from accidental loss.

Accidents happen, and things get overlooked. Documents and policies stored around your home can be lost, misplaced, or damaged in household disasters, such as fire or flooding. Online records create a digital archive safe from natural disasters.


Leaf Bullet PointEncrypted secure storage means no one but you and your loved ones sees your data.

My Life & Wishes uses leading security measures to make sure your personal data is protected. No one sees your personal data but you and your authorized users – even us.


Leaf Bullet PointYou control who can see your plan and when.

You want your family to be prepared, but you might not want them to see all of your information, assets and wishes right now. Keep your financial info, wills, and other personal data hidden until you’re ready to share it.


Leaf Bullet PointAuthorized users get instant access, no matter where they live.

Today’s families are dispersed. Arrangements are often made from hundreds of miles away after a loved one has died. Giving your family instant access to your health care directives or funeral wishes solves the problem of obtaining those from a distance. Including other important information online ensures everything they need is accessible to them.


Leaf Bullet PointGet helpful resources to make important end-of-life decisions.

Organizing your affairs in advance can be difficult. Our Planning Center and blog offer straightforward guidance to help you take those first steps toward a comprehensive end-of-life plan.


Leaf Bullet PointPeace of mind.

A secure, digital archive means you and your family have easy access to everything you’ll need – anytime and anywhere. Safeguard your information, upload copies of documents and record notes and wishes by pre-planning with My Life and Wishes today!