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At your company, your clients come first. My Life & Wishes can help you make sure your clients’ information is secure, so you can focus on helping them plan for their best future.

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My Life & Wishes is a bold new personal digital storage and password manager platform designed to keep life planning as stress free as possible. We cover all kinds of personal information. From school records and passwords, to wills and trusts, My Life & Wishes will keep all your most sensitive information safe and secure. In the event of an emergency, such as a natural disaster or sudden family loss, your clients can be secure in the knowledge that their financial documents and end-of-life plans are stored securely in our cloud-based network. You can help them eliminate last minute scrambling and hectic planning, and set yourself apart from your competitors. Your clients will thank you for bringing peace of mind to their most stressful situations, and trust you to guide them through their most sensitive needs.

Beyond your current clientele, My Life & Wishes offers the opportunity to serve your clients families for generations to come. When they’ve seen the ease with which their loved one’s final wishes have been carried out by you through our platform, chances are they will come to you for their own emergency and end-of-life planning, and tell their friends and family about the great service you’ve provided them in their time of need. With My Life & Wishes, you can pave the road for generations of trusted service.

While your competitors made do with traditional end-of-life planning, join My Life & Wishes in the future of digital storage, emergency, and end-of-life financial services.

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When you partner with My Life and Wishes, you’re not just gaining a new way to attract clients, you’re delivering security and ease to your clients for their most sensitive plans. And to support you, we promise to deliver the best customer service possible.

  • A SAFE AND SECURE DIGITAL LIFE: At My Life and Wishes, your clients most sensitive information is in good hands. We use an encrypted cloud-based storage system so you and your clients can rest easy and focus on the important issues.
  • THE LATEST TECHNOLOGY AT YOUR FINGERTIPS: We utilize cutting edge technology to make emergency and end-of-life planning as stress-free as possible. We update our software regularly, so you can be confident that your clients always have the most current technology available to make their end-of-life planning seamless and easy.
  • SERVE FAMILIES FOR GENERATIONS TO COME: Families will experience the ease of using My Life & Wishes during the most stressful times attracting them to work with you for their own planning. My Life & Wishes service can be the foundation for you to attract new generations of clients to come.
  • UNLIMITED STORAGE: Life doesn’t come with a gigabyte limit, so why should end-of-life planning? At My Life & Wishes, your clients are covered, whether their plans are 1 page or 1000. Your clients can upload and store documents with ease, so that even the most complicated estate planning can be done seamlessly.
  • SHARED COUPLES ACCOUNTS: Your client couples share their lives together, and their end-of-life plans will be of paramount importance to each other. Spouses and domestic partners can create joint accounts, so that sharing information and divvying up the assets of their shared lives can be done in a flash.
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At My Life & Wishes, we offer the best services for the lowest prices. Partnering with us means getting the best user experience for your clients without breaking your budget. We give you everything you need to provide the best care possible for your clients for their most sensitive plans.

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    We offer:
  • Unlimited deployments, so you can focus less on keeping clients within a quota, and more on giving them the best service possible. We want you to be able to grow your business, not cap you at any given number. Your success is our success
  • Staff logins at no additional charge. Your staff is an essential part of your operation, so why pay more to keep them in the loop? Let us provide the training and support for you and your staff.
  • Advanced training material on the platform, including onboarding materials, user guides, regular webinars and support through email, phone or chat. My Life & Wishes gives you all the tools needed to become an expert on our platform, so you can give the clients the best information possible in making informed decisions for important situations.
  • Co-branded material and communication. When you partner with My Life & Wishes, you become part of our team, not just another successful sales pitch. We care deeply about the success of our partner businesses and the well-being of their clients, which is why we want to welcome you into our family with ease and style.
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Get started now with My Life & Wishes by filling out the form below and request a demo . Once your request has been processed, one of our advisors will contact you with a free phone consultation to make sure you get the perfect plan for your specific business. We take into account the size of your firm and number of clients to make sure you have all the support you need to integrate My Life & Wishes seamlessly into your business, and get your clients the service they deserve as quickly as possible. We’ll answer any questions you have to make sure your partnership with My Life & Wishes starts on the smoothest course possible.

Join the future of emergency and end-of-life planning. Give your clients the next level of care and service. Set yourself apart from competitors as the future-forward, client-first company. Get started with My Life & Wishes today.

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