Enjoy Thanksgiving dinner without the guilt!

Thanksgiving Day turkey

The Thanksgiving holiday is designed to set aside time to be grateful and to express gratitude for all the gifts that saturate our lives.  Many of us celebrate by spending time with family and friends, enjoying time away from work, watching football and sharing magnificent meals together.  But many of us are left feeling guilty about indulging in the traditional colossal meals and spirits. 

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Are you worried about Long Term Care? Here are some facts you should know.

Long Term Care

Long term care can be one of the most expensive services you will ever encounter.  How much it costs is determined on the level and length (duration) of care that one needs.  Without a plan, individuals and families can be devastated financially after experiencing a Long Term Care event. 

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“Jonny, you’re so messy!”

Messy Kitchen

If something were to happen to me and I were not here tomorrow, is everything neat and organized or will I leave a mess for someone else to deal with?

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