Strange Times, Emergencies and Planning

Be preparedDuring this strange time, does life go on as usual? Many of us are finding our schedules interrupted causing anxiety, stress and confusion.  Many businesses have had to quickly adjust to offering delivery services and curbside pick up to get us through this unprecedented time.

At My Life and Wishes, we understand that life, albeit different, still goes on.  We want to empower people to get caught up to the digital age which, especially now, becomes imperative to functioning.

We encourage people to organize information so that in strange times, emergencies, and unforeseen situations, they’ll be able to access the most important details of their lives, at the push of a button.

Consider this: If you had to, today;

  • Would you be able to get to your banks lobby to access your safe deposit box?
  • Would you be able to get to work to access personal information you may have stored in files?
  • Would you be able to access needed benefit information at home?

Imagine having your health records, insurance information, websites and login credentials for virtually every account you have, available to you wherever you are, 24/7. Imagine being able to have virtual copies of all your documents – organized for loved ones, if something were to happen to you.

Companies like ours came about to save families from the long, drawn out scavenger hunt that awaits them after a loved one passes. Not knowing information or not being able to access information in this digital age has drastically complicated dealing with the death of a loved one. However, this industry has expanded to help keep all of us organized and prepared for unforeseen and emergency situations, like the one we are living now.

So to help people get prepared, we are providing you with a valuable checklist. Created by experts, this outline will help you get organized.  It guides you through the important information and details you’ll want to record and access in the event of an emergency. Or, the details your family may need to access, in the event of your death.

Use this as a guideline and keep it somewhere safe. Share it with your friends. Give a completed copy to a trusted friend, relative or Advisor.

It’s completely free as a gift from us. Click here to download it>>

For those who would rather use our on-line platform, we’re offering a 50% discount off the subscription price. The discount is valid for the life of your account. Click here to sign up and enter code: STAYHEALTHY

My Life and Wishes wants to help where we can. We hope that empowering people with these tools will benefit you and your loved ones.