Resolution or Goal?

resolution or goal
As 2020 approaches, many of us will be contemplating goals. What we want to achieve, what life changes we want to put in place or what habits we want to get rid of. And most of us will make pretty good progress until other things, and life, get in the way. This usually happens around February 1st.

Getting distracted and even derailed from these goals isn’t uncommon. Less than 10% of us actually make good on our New Years resolutions. The good news is there are easy ways to improve your success. Implementing these can help you stay on track and achieve success with your goals.

  1. Make your goals actionable. Example: “I’m going to lose weight.” Put steps and actionable items in place to do this such as:
    • join a gym
    • get a personal trainer
    • subscribe to a meal program or
    • track calories.
  2. Make your goals measurable. If you want to save money set a target with an end date or dollar amount. Then work your way backward by calculating how much you need to put away each month to do this. Achieving small successes will keep you enthused and more likely to continue.
  3. Make one resolution at a time. Wanting to eat right, exercise and drink less alcohol are great choices. But, implementing too many changes can be overwhelming. Resolutions and goals are accomplished by changing behaviors. And that’s not an easy thing to do. Stick to one change at a time and you’re more likely to succeed.

Another way to help you stay on track with your goals is to use a daily planner or journal. There are a lot of great journals and tools such as: The 5 Minute Journal,  or Imagine. Act. Inspire. A Daily Journal. Use these on a daily basis to help you quickly outline your top goals and intentions for the day. These journals also have a component for gratitude to help keep you focused and in a positive frame of mind.

Not sure where to start with your New Years resolutions? Here are the most common;

  1. Improve Wellness. This is a broad subject, but the most common areas are:
    • losing weight
    • eating healthy
    • implementing or increasing an exercise regime
    • quit smoking
    • consuming less alcohol
    • reducing stress
  2. Save Money
  3. Travel
  4. Improve Relationships
  5. New Job
  6. Get Organized
  7. Get your financial house in order
    • create or update your Will
    • Create a Financial plan
    • create and stick to a budget
  8. Volunteering

The process of setting goals or making resolutions help us define and focus on areas of our life that need our attention.  So, if you’re serious about making a change, make sure to plan for how that change is going to occur. Benjamin Franklin’s quote “Failing to plan is planning to fail” is right on.

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