Reduce Panic Before An Emergency Strikes!

Disaster PlanMost of us have participated in emergency drills – usually weather related and usually at work or school.  But what happens if an emergency strikes while you’re at home? Have you prepared your family and does your family have a plan to evacuate or hunker down?

Creating the most basic plan will help to keep family members calm during any type of emergency.  At a minimum your plan should include:
  1. If evacuation is essential, (in the case of fire etc.) create a plan for the quickest and safest exit of your home. If a tornado is approaching and hunkering in is best, communicate where the safest room or part of the home is.
  2. Establish a local meeting spot in the event of an evacuation.
  3. Establish a communication plan.
  4. Practice your plan! Walking your family through your plan will reduce panic during an emergency.

For more information and tips on creating a family emergency plan, Click Here>>

Preparing your family for emergencies is critical. But what about preparing your neighborhood, apartment building or block?

Disaster research shows that communities with strong ties are better prepared when disasters strike.  So why not take the lead and help to create a disaster plan for your community?

For more information read this article for some great ways for you to build a disaster reaction plan for your community….More>>

And finally, we all rely on first responders in any emergency, big or small. But do you know what to do before they are able to get to you or your family?

Learn what to do before responders reach you. Administering the following first aid treatments may be crucial in saving someones’ life.
  • What to do for cardiac arrest
  • How to stop bleeding
  • How to treat burns
  • What to do if you suspect a broken bone, fracture or sprain

Taking a class or obtaining formal training is best. But to learn the basics click here>>.

We can’t predict when the next emergency will strike. But by following these steps you can be prepared for your family, your neighbors and yourself.