In case of emergency, would your family know how to access your smart phone, computer or tablet?


If you’re like most people today, your smart phone may be protected with a passcode or thumb print.  I know my spouse’s phone is. But if something were to happen to him, I would not have the first clue on how to access it.  Sure I might have some guesses as to the passcode, but if I tried and received 3 failed attempts, I would be locked out. Computer and smart phone retailers can’t unlock or reset the password for a device for anyone except the user.

For me, I know thousands of priceless pictures would be lost if this were to occur. Not to mention the critical information he keeps on these devices. Every website login and password is kept in his technology devices. Some of the most important ones (that I would need) are our:

  • Bill pay login information (for credit cards, subscriptions, utilities and services);
  • Our online banking information;
  • His social media accounts and passcodes;
  • All of our Netflix, Apple, and Amazon login information;
  • His contacts, both personal and professional;
  • All of the documents housed there, both business related documents and contracts, as well as personal documents and contracts;
  • Copies of all correspondence – personal and business.

And these are just the general things. Think about how much information you keep in your technology. It’s mind boggling!  It’s fantastic to know we have all this information at our fingertips, but it’s incredibly scary to realize that if something were to happen to you, all of this information would be lost unless access to it is shared with SOMEONE!

This is where My Life & Wishes become a crucial piece of planning for your future!  Document and store all your critical information, such as your will, insurance and retirement benefits, financial information, and vital documents. Record WHERE to locate them and, HOW to access them, including your smart phones, tablets, or desktop computers!

Don’t leave your family without the vital information they will need.  Share it with them at

Life Planning Checklist