Click here when I die

Book: Click Here When I DieMy hope for this book is that anyone who picks it up and reads it will be entertained, enlightened and will see the important reality of planning ahead for the love of their family. Further, that it really is much easier than one might think and it really isn’t a downer to be thoughtfully prepared for our own, ultimate mortality.  Heck, we all know we aren’t going to live, forever right?  We also don’t know when our last day will be, right?   So, if we all agree on those two things, then isn’t being prepared the responsible thing to do?  Why?  For love, that’s why!

Let’s face it, death isn’t hard on the one who has died, it is hard on those that are still here! We love them and we certainly don’t want to add to their pain.  Sadness, grief and loneliness are very hard yet, normal emotions and are part of the healing process.  The confusion, stress and frankly anger associated with trying to track down all the departed persons “stuff” from insurance policies, financial records and then close their entire digital life, are not (normal emotions)!

So many families are left to struggle with trying to piece things together following the loss of a loved one, only because the departed never planned and told someone what to do!  The consequences of this lack of planning delays the normal grieving and healing process, can be exhaustively time consuming and all too often can divide families. Certainly, not what I want my own passing to do to my family.  So, I have planned because I love them and I want things to be as easy as possible when I am no longer here.  And, you can too!  As I said earlier, it really isn’t difficult to do.  So, for the love of family, please do it!

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