Don’t make this costly mistake!

Is your information safe?Having worked in the insurance industry for 37 years, you tend to learn a thing or two about risk.  In my opinion for example, I know what insurances I need to protect me against the most catastrophic circumstances or events (like health insurance and disability insurance)  compared to those insurances that we must carry by law (auto insurance or liability insurance) and those that  are available to make me feel good about protecting something or to help pay for certain expenses (like life insurance, homeowners insurance, dental and vision insurance).  These are just to name a few.  But I find it interesting that after 37 years in this “actuarial” based industry, I completely changed careers to work in the technology space.  The interesting thing is that it all still has to do with risk.

We purchase insurance to protect our families, our health, and our possessions, even our money.  There are so many types of insurance, it can be mind boggling.  But for the most part, insurance is widely accepted as something people commonly purchase.  So if we buy into the fact that insurance is a vehicle for protecting our assets, and is something good to do, and it keeps us feeling all warm and fuzzy, then shouldn’t we buy into the fact that we should also take action or “buy into” a vehicle to protect these documents and all of our other critical documents against natural disasters or other catastrophic events?

Consider the peoples lives that have been changed due to the recent storms and flooding. Many, most likely had some type of insurance.  If the records of their insurance were all washed away – how long will it take them to relocate these documents, reestablish these records, or will they even remember what coverage’s they had and through what companies?

When finding a place to stay or looking for new or temporary housing is the immediate concern for these families, I doubt they will be looking for their financial records until a much later date.  However, wouldn’t insurance money coming in sooner rather than later benefit these families?  What if all their financial records, insurance, mortgages, deeds, titles etc (everything needed to make a claim) were located in the cloud and they could be pulled and claims could get started right away?  Wouldn’t these families be so much better off and start to rebuild and get their lives back to “pre-disaster” faster?  Wouldn’t the healing be much easier if they knew that finances weren’t an issue?

This is the “risk aversion” industry that I work in now.  Through technology we are able to help people store all their critical information securely in the cloud.  Where immediate access is available 24/7.  Everything from advance directives, to the location and copies of all your important documents can be housed with unlimited storage.  This platform guides users through the process of leaving instructions and directives for their loved ones, in the event they were one of the unfortunate ones that didn’t make it.

Fires, Earthquakes, Hurricanes, Tornadoes, and Flooding happen all the time, but it doesn’t have to destroy your financial records and important documents when you will likely need them the most.  So, don’t make the mistake of assuming your home computer or your paper files will always be intact.  Protect against these disasters by keeping your documents safely and securely stored in the cloud.   Create an account and start your 30 day free trial today!  Isn’t protecting your information worth it?