Are You Doing Enough to Keep Your Data Safe?

online security

Proving who you are has changed a lot over the years.  In the past, gaining entry to certain organizations or establishments required knowing a secret password or handshake.  Messengers needed to carry a stamp or the “seal” of a dignitary, chief or commander to prove who they were.  Before photo ID’s were a thing, using your signature was a way of proving your identity.

Today, we have drivers’ licenses, State issued photo ID’s, passports and other means of identification.  These are regularly needed for everyday transactions. But what about proving who we are online?

Face it – we want immediate access to our information.  And the only way we can access the sites that hold this information is to prove who we are by entering our unique Login and Password.

Unfortunately, many of our password habits aren’t good.  And thus, not good enough to keep out a potential hacker.   Click here to read more on creating a secure password>>

Today, hackers are getting better at figuring out our passwords. But we can do more by adding another layer of security, 2 Factor Authentication.

Security experts agree that there are three main categories of authentication:

  • something you know, like a password or pin
  • something you have, like your passport, driver’s license, device, or debit card
  • something you are, like biometrics and signatures

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) refers to using two of these factors. When logging into a site using 2FA, you’ll need to provide your Login ID and password, along with a code obtained from a device in your possession. These codes are One-Time Passwords sent to your phone via text message or call.  They can also be emailed to your computer.

It’s a simple step that will greatly reduce the chances of a hacker accessing your information. 

Some people may consider it another “annoying” step to access a particular site or record. But, it’s for our own safety.  For me, it’s akin to making an in-person purchase with my credit card and the clerk asks me for my ID. I actually feel good about taking the extra step to reach into my wallet and pull out another form of identification. I feel good about the extra security. It’s the same with 2FA.

We strongly suggest enabling it on the sites that offer it. Lets’ stay in the know.  Do what we can.  And be as safe as we can with our on-line information.  Read more on 2FA>>