10 Tips to Conserve Your Cell Phones Battery

smart phone batteryWe’ve all been there – we glance at our phones and realize that our battery is almost out of juice! So what can you do? Short of carrying around a charger and hoping you can find an outlet, there are a few things you can do in a pinch.
#1  Turn on Airplane mode

Switching to airplane mode is the easiest way to conserve battery. While in airplane mode, you will not be able to connect to the internet, receive calls or text messages. However, you are able to use the camera, listen to music or use apps that don’t need an internet connection.

#2  Turn Off the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

Our phones scan for cellular network reception, Wi-Fi hot spots and Bluetooth signals. All this scanning uses energy and reduces our phones battery life. So if you still want to maintain connectivity, turning these two things off this may be an option.

#3  Switch to Low Battery Mode

By switching to Low Power Mode (or Low Battery Mode) your phone will automatically adjust your settings to use the least amount of juice possible to keep your phone operating.

If you are not in a pinch, it’s still a good idea to use these energy saving tips to give your phone a longer life;
  • Disable GPS – Apps that use GPS to track your location is a huge battery drain! If you’re using apps such as google maps, make sure to close them after use so they’re not running in the background.  Also, adjust the locations services setting to only “while using the app”.
  • Check Your App Settings –  Besides GPS, other apps can be a huge drain on your phones battery life. Especially those with graphics and audio. So, make sure to close these, rather than just minimizing them, as they will continue to run in the background. To do this, double tap your home button to see what apps are running and swipe them away.  Also, check your Smart Phones Battery Information. Your phone should be able to tell you which apps and programs are using up the most battery.
  • Reduce Push Notifications Every time you receive a notification via a sound alert, or vibration, it’s using battery. Make sure to check your settings and turn off any notifications you don’t need.
  • Dim Your Screen –  Use your phones “Auto Brightness” feature. This feature will adjust your screens level of brightness to its optimal level for reading, but still conserve battery.
  • Avoid Extreme Heat or Cold –  Trying to cool down a phone in extreme heat is exhausting on a battery. Your phone may actually shut itself off if exposed to extreme temperatures. Leaving your phone in a hot car in the summer, or in the winter (if the temperature is below 32) will definitely have a negative effect on the battery.
  • Charge Your Battery Correctly –  Cell phones generally have two types of batteries; Lithium or Nickel-based. Some of these last longer if they are charged more often, and some respond better to draining your phone completely, then recharging. Know the type of battery your phone has and maintain the suggested charging strategy.
  • Buy a Battery Saving Case –  Consider investing in a case that doubles as a battery charger.

So, while our smart phones are still technically a “phone”, today we use them for so much more! Batteries that used to last for a day or two without charging are gone. Using our phones like we do, keeps our batteries running and depleting at a faster rate than ever. So, let’s conserve energy and give those batteries a longer life!

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