Top Reasons To Rethink Your Storage Habits!

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Where do you file your important papers and information?

If you’re like most of us, our information is scattered among the following places;

  • File cabinet in home or office
  • In a home safe
  • In a bank safe deposit box
  • On a personal computer
  • Stored on a smart phone or tablet

You may not have thought about it, but these may not be the best places to store information anymore.

We’ve compiled a list of the top reasons why those choices may be outdated.

File Box / File Cabinet
  1. Fire or natural disaster destroys documents and important papers.
  2. Originals are susceptible to theft, damage or misplacement.
  3. Difficult to find and retrieve the correct documents when needed.
  4. Family members or unwanted guests can view or alter documents.
Home Safe
  1.  Fireproof or large safe can be costly to purchase and to install.
  2. You and others have to remember the combination.
  3. Digital door lock can fail, or dead batteries can leave you locked out.
  4. Difficult to move.
  5. No access to documents from anywhere but location of safe.
Bank Safe Deposit Box
  1. Contents only available during regular banking hours.
  2. Can be high monthly cost or bank goes out of business.
  3. Manage key access. What is the key and box location? Will others know or have access?
Personal Computer Storage
  1. Computer hard drives fail. Risk of unrecoverable documents.
  2. Information only accessible at PC site.
  3. Nobody knows the computer password to access your documents.
  4. Accidental or natural disaster can destroy computer.
Mobile Storage
  1. Phone can easily be damaged or destroyed.
  2. No protection from strangers who may get access.
  3. Loved ones may not know code to unlock phone.
  4. Data on phone memory or uploads may not be secure.


Here are some other places that may be good options with their pitfalls:

Store with Attorney or Family Member
  1. Most Attorney’s do not offer digital storing of legacy type documents.
  2. Attorney’s or family members pass away too. Then what?
  3. Family Member may not want the responsibility for dealing with your Legacy.
  4. No digital solution for original paper documents.
Cloud Storage
  1. Google Drive, One Drive etc. provide no guidance on what to store.
  2. Must share login credentials for anyone else to access information.
  3. Must share all information if sharing login credentials.


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