Top Activities of New Internet Users

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As a follow-up to last months’ newsletter article on Internet Usage we reported that 9 out of 10 adults use the internet in some shape or form.  So we wondered what that 1 in 10 would do given the opportunity or introduction to the internet.  What would they struggle with and what would they use their new technology services and devices for?

Recently, the Pew Research Center conducted a small survey of adults who previously had not used the internet and discovered some insights as to how they would use this new-found technology.  In addition to participating in the survey on-line, here is what other activities the majority of the group reported initially adopting;


Of interest is that almost 40% of the individuals participating in the survey had no interest in any further on-line activity (beyond taking the survey).  Stating the reason for this as either not interested in technology or saw no need for it.

Probably not surprising is that the largest issue new users struggled with are login and password related issues.