Space burials?

space shuttleBelieve it or not, space burial is no longer a futuristic idea that belongs in a sci-fi movie, or only available to the uberwealthy.  It’s becoming a very real option that everyday people are taking advantage of.

So, can you really be “buried” in space?  Technically no – not in the traditional sense.  Although there are several non-traditional options for you to choose from.

One option is to have a portion of your remains orbit the earth.  The remains are placed into a special capsule which carry’s them into orbit where they remain until reentry occurs where they then vaporize “akin to a shooting star”.

Another option is to have your loved ones remains taken by way of a special capsule and deposited on the moon. This option creates a lasting memorial which is almost always in constant view.

Or you can send your loved ones remains on a permanent celestial journey well beyond the moon.

There are currently 2 companies that offer these services. Celestis and Elysium.  Elysium utilizes Elon Musk’s SpaceX rocket, while Celestis attaches or accompanies various launches that are scheduled to occur for specific purposes.  These may be launches by NASA or other private companies.  The main launch’s purpose can range from satellite testing to supply runs for the space station.  They may be experimental launches, or designed for space environment testing.  They also may attach to small or medium satellites designed for science, defense, communications, or imagery.  This is what makes this an “affordable” option to the non-uberwealthy population.

So, what does it cost?  Depending on which company you choose, you can elect the earth orbit option starting at $2400 and ranging up to $5000.  For your loved ones remains to be deposited on the moon or sent into a permenant journey into space, you’re looking at $12,000 or more.

Sound interesting?   It doesn’t have to stop at remains.  You can elect to have your personal DNA journey into space.  Imagine your DNA flying through space with friends or family.  You can even store your DNA off this planet.

The future is here.