Expanding Our Mission!

Expanding our missionMy Life and Wishes is no longer just for individuals.

To achieve it’s mission of “helping 1 million families” deal with death in this digital age, My Life and Wishes is now offering its’ services to Professional Advisors. “Our main focus will be working with Estate Planning Attorneys and Financial Advisory firms”, announced Jon Braddock, Co-Founder of My Life and Wishes.

End of life planning, legacy and succession planning are top-of-mind more than ever, due to the current pandemic. Because of this, estate planning attorneys along with financial planners are seeing an uptick in new clients. By adding the My Life and Wishes platform to their suite of services, their clients receive a comprehensive tool to record and share the “day to day” information their loved ones will need that’s not typically addressed during the traditional planning process.

From the Advisors perspective, it’s a differentiator from their competition. It gives their clientele the digital storage and planning solutions they are looking for.
My Life and Wishes launched in 2016 as a DIY end-of-life planning tool, designed to guide individuals through the planning process. New collaborations with Advisory firms, brings enhanced value, and services that advisors are looking to bring to their clients.

My Life and Wishes is consistently ranked in the top three organizations in this burgeoning industry.  It’s services and security protocols have been scrutinized and approved by one of the largest financial advisory firms in the nation. My Life and Wishes continues to offer it’s platform to individuals, as a critically needed solution for dealing with death in this digital age.

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