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Recording your wishes and pre-planning your funeral ensures your family can grieve your loss when you pass, not scramble to make arrangements. Get started today with these helpful resources.

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Messy Kitchen
“Jonny, you’re so messy!”

If something were to happen to me and I were not here tomorrow, is everything neat and organized or will I leave a mess for someone else to deal with?

It's about how you LIVE
It’s about how you LIVE – FREE Tele-Summit!

Taking The Fear Out Of Conversations About Advance Care Planning, Serious Illness and End of Life Care.

Disaster preparedness
Disasters don’t plan ahead, but you can!

September is National Preparedness Month. Whether you live in the south, on the east coast, in mid-america or on the west coast, weather related catastrophes happen all the time.  Where you live you may be subject to hurricanes, or tornadoes, earthquakes, or wild fires, volcanic eruptions or even extreme temperatures.  

The 5 most stressful financial concerns for pre-retirees

If you’re thinking about retiring, you may be facing fears of being able to survive on a limited, fixed income, in a world where everything is gradually becoming more expensive.