Bad Things Happen

Bad things happen. We cannot predict or control them, but we can control how we react to them. And once through it, it’s wise to reflect on that event or circumstance to see what the experience has taught us.

Create Plan

Throughout this pandemic, people are creating positive, uplifting messages.  They are providing ideas and entertainment to help us through this challenging time.

Being productive during these sometimes-monotonous days (is it Monday or Saturday? syndrome) is critical to keeping our sanity. The feeling of accomplishing something you haven’t done before, (or have put off for a long time) can be extremely satisfying!

We created programs to empower individuals to get their life planning done, with as little difficulty as possible.    Therefore, we are putting a positive spin on the COVID acronym, to encourage people to take this time to;

C=  Complete all the things you have been putting off. Will, Advance Directives Click here for resources>>

O=  Organize everything in a simple and seamless way, web logins, passwords, banking info Click here for our social media checklist>>

V=  Verify you have gathered all the vital documents of your life, the things that matter most. Insurance policies, proof of ownership documents, marriage records, birth certificates, etc. (and put them in a safe and retrievable place). Click here for our Household Accounts Checklist>>

I=  Identify the person or persons, you would like to have access to this information (when the time comes).  Click here for tips on choosing a personal representative>>

D=  Document all your wishes and special bequests to family members

These are just some of the tools we’ve created to help you do this!

We encourage you to get this planning done for you and your family. Our checklists are free. If you prefer to use the cloud-based platform, we have provided a 50% off code:  STAYHEALTHY Create Your Account Here>>

This code has been generated specifically during this COVID pandemic.  It will provide 50% off our annual subscription price for the life of the plan.

Our mission is to create awareness about the struggle’s families face trying to close out loved one’s affairs – especially since the digital age has made the scavenger hunt for information and documents nearly impossible.

We hope this helps.  Be creative.  Make a Plan.  And Stay Positive!

Happy Planning!