Personal Asset Resources for End-of-life Planning

End-of-life plans include deciding how valued belongings are cared for, from cherished heirlooms to beloved pets. These resources help you make a plan for your personal assets.

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You asked, We listened!

Your My Life and Wishes plan has been enhanced! If you’ve previously assigned trusted family members, a trusted friend or an advisor to view certain sections of your My Life and Wishes account, you now have the option to give them editing capabilities!  

In case of emergency, would your family know how to access your smart phone, computer or tablet?

Think about how much information you keep in your technology. It’s fantastic to know we have all this information at our fingertips, but it’s incredibly scary to realize that if something were to happen to you, all of this information would be lost unless access to it is shared with SOMEONE!

Social Media Wills
Social Media Wills

Social media is a part of our daily lives. Creating a social media will is an important part of your life plan. Get your digital assets in order today.

Make Plans for Your Pet
Why It’s Important to Make Plans for Your Pet

If you're an animal owner, make sure to plan and document who you want to care for your pet and how you want them cared for if something where to happen to you.