Insurance Resources for End-of-life Planning

Don’t leave your family with disorganized paperwork. Learn what to do to get your documents in order and make sure your family is protected with wills, trusts, and more.

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Yes, You Should Plan!

Let’s face it, life and our stuff, is significantly more complicated than it was 20 or 30 years ago. Technology has made it so. Technology, while simplifying our lives immensely, has made for a very complicated departure.

Boomers Not Ready for End-of-Life
Infographic: Boomers Not Ready for End-of-Life

While 70% of men and women ages 40+ agree that everyone should have an end-of-life plan before the age of 60, few actually do (only 43%).

Life Insurance Benefits - My Life & Wishes
Life Insurance Benefits You Might Be Overlooking

Death benefits aren't the only reason to purchase life insurance. There are other important things to consider.

Last Will and Testament
Do You Have a Will?

A will is one of the most important tools a person can have because it helps guide family and financial decisions after death. For some, a will may be the first step in a bigger estate plan. For others, the will is the centerpiece, directing their wishes and estate after they are gone.