Health Care Resources for End-of-life Planning

Does your family know your wishes in the event of an emergency? Have you made eldercare decisions? Learn about the critical choices everyone needs to make about their health care.

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What's your plan?
Creating a plan for everything but death

By nature, we are planners. We plan for everything! But most of us don't plan for death.

End-of-life Planning Dementia-180
End-of-Life Planning When a Family Member Has Dementia

Health care directives and making arrangements upfront are very important for end-of-life planning, especially for someone with dementia.

Electronic Health Records
Electronic Health Records: Medical Records at Your Fingertips

A personal health record is a collection of information about your and your family’s health. A My Life & Wishes account makes it easy to create an electronic health record.

Boomers Not Ready for End-of-Life
Infographic: Boomers Not Ready for End-of-Life

While 70% of men and women ages 40+ agree that everyone should have an end-of-life plan before the age of 60, few actually do (only 43%).